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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Is SuperMannan safe?

The answer is Yes … unless you are allergic to yeast (even if it is deactivated yeast). Belvedere Environmentals tests all ingredients thoroughly. We use a state-of-the-art in vitro assay, the MEM Elution Test, to screen for cytotoxicity, in addition to the standard tests for purity, heavy metals, and microbiology. You can read about SuperMannan test results. Also remember that the ingredients in SuperMannan are deactivated yeast and cranberries. Our two key yeast ingredients are listed in 21 CFR 170ff as food and in 21 CFR 173.160 as a food additive.


Q: Has SuperMannan been used by real people?

SuperMannan has been tested to see if it works, and the results are impressive. We collected and analyzed data on nine women who took SuperMannan. For every woman, SuperMannan provided rapid relief within an hour, and they did not have to take antibiotics. Our case series results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal UroToday (October 2012). Here is the summary and the table of results: or you can read the full article online.


Q:  Is SuperMannan the same as D-mannose?

SuperMannan contains MOS (mannan oligosaccharides), which we derive from deactivated yeast. Although yeast mannan is a unique polymer of D-mannose, MOS functions quite differently from simple D-mannose. D-mannose is a form of mannose, which is a sugar that is a very close relative of glucose. Now we have found a wonderful use of MOS for female health.


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