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Eliminates UTIs Quickly

Daniel Matza-Brown (New York, NY) January 7, 2014

5 out of 5 stars

My wife has taken SuperMannan countless times to cure urinary tract infections. It has worked quickly (less than 24 hours) and reliably, every single time — offering much faster and effective relief than antibiotics ever had. Anyone who suffers from UTIs should definitely use this product.


Really Effective!

Zip (Amherst, MA) December 29, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

This is a fantastic product that offers relief from UTIs and a great alternative to having to take antibiotics when they progressed beyond a certain point. I was able to try SuperMannan before it became commercially available and found it fast acting. I also found it a relief to know I was not throwing my immune system under the bus by dousing it with antibiotics. For me, SuperMannan did not solve my UTIs forever, but I’ve found that whenever I do have that slight uncomfortable feeling beginning I can take a round or two of SuperMannan and it goes away. I would highly recommend this product to any friend who experienced urinary discomfort or UTIs (and have multiple times)!


Cured Forever

N. Kirk (San Francisco, CA) December 14, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

Cystitis is not something most people can talk about in polite conversation. In fact most people seem to use the acronym “UTI” as it sounds a little less disgusting. So we women (and some men) generally deal quietly and uncomfortably with the problem.


For the past 25 years or so, I’ve suffered from repeated bouts of cystitis; about three or more year. Once that lurking, annoying feeling would begin, I would douse myself with cranberry pills, juice, AZO, and gallons of water, sometimes staving it off. But frequently it would progress to the state where I needed antibiotics. The antibiotics would wipe it out, of course, but throw my body into another state of uncomfortable imbalance. I was probably the delight of some pharmaceutical companies.


Once, a conservative doctor decided to “wait-and-see” strategy. He actually told me to microwave my underpants, as if dirty underwear had caused it. (You know what happens if you heat synthetic fabric? Don’t try it, please!) That time it progressed to a kidney infection, with me in a 104-degree fevered delirium driving myself to the hospital.


Fortunately, about three years ago, I was able to try out Super Mannan before it became commercially available. I was skeptical, having tried most of the natural cures. However, to my delight, it worked better than I had hoped. My body wasn’t thrown for a loop, as was typical with antibiotics, the infection disappeared, and the most miraculous thing: I have not once, since, had a UTI! Unlike mainstream medicine, it is apparently not something you have to repeat—no “built in obsolescence.” Perhaps that’s why it’s not been picked up by a major drug company.


Super Mannan worked so well for me, that I recently bought it for a friend, who like the old me, has repeated UTIs. If I find out any of my other friends have my same former problem, I’m going out and getting them some of this! I can’t recommend this product enough!


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