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SuperMannan Success Stories

The following four women volunteered to try SuperMannan™ and here is a summary of their experiences. The quote for each woman was written by her, and she agreed that the quote could be used anonymously for marketing purposes.


School Teacher, age 28, New York City

“I had become used to taking antibiotics for UTIs five-six times a year I started 2 SuperMannan pills every 20-30 minutes; I couldn’t believe it. Within an hour of taking my first pill, I could already feel my symptoms decreasing. Now, I am able to take 2 pills to completely stop symptoms, whereas years ago, I was taking up to 14 pills. I know that I can count on SuperMannan if my symptoms emerge.”  read complete story


Technologist, age 54, Salt Lake City, Utah 

“For the last 37 years, I have never had a UTI that did not require antibiotics to relieve symptoms, except for my last bladder infection, which was cured by SuperMannan pills. These symptoms disappeared after I took SuperMannan pills. During my 50s, I always traveled with antibiotics in case I contracted a bladder infection while away from home. Now I travel with nonprescription SuperMannan pills, and remain infection-free.” read complete story


Executive Assistant, age 50, SF Bay Area

“I have been plagued with urinary tract infections since my early twenties. Once symptoms appear, I am asked to come in for an appointment, provide a urine sample, sometimes wait for the urine to culture, and then wait for the physicians to prescribe the meds. During this waiting period, I am having frequent, painful, bloody urination which only stops when I start taking the meds. Having non-prescription access to the SuperMannan pills is a God-send. Once I have the symptoms, I take the medications and within hours, my symptoms are all gone. Period. No phone calls, no stress.” read complete story


Professional, age 60, SF Bay Area

“Fear of UTIs made me scared to have sex… Two hours after taking SuperMannan for the first time, the symptoms   were gone, and I was back to my work and life.”  read complete story
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