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Success Story 4

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Professional, age 60, SF Bay Area


“Fear of UTIs made me scared to have sex… Two hours after taking SuperMannan for the first time, the symptoms   were gone, and I was back to my work and life.”


Since my early 20s, I had been suffering from occasional UTIs (also called bladder infections or cystitis), which were successfully treated by antibiotics prescribed by my primary care physician. Then in my 50s with menopause, I started having more frequent urinary tract infections, even though I was using hormone replacement therapy. My attacks were very painful and occurred around 48 hours after having sex. My MD prescribed antibiotics by phone for me (usually Bactrin or Cipro) because she had cultured my urine earlier and knew I had a bladder infection. The antibiotics worked quickly—within an hour the terrible burning and spasms subsided, and blood disappeared from my urine. After three years, I stopped using hormone replacement therapy because of the health scares in the Women’s Health Initiative study, which found that hormone replacement therapy might increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Then my problems with UTIs became a fact of life after sex. The fear of UTIs made me scared to have sex. Under my MD’s guidance, I practiced strict hygiene, took natural forms of estrogen, and applied estrogen creams and testosterone creams. Nothing helped. I tried every possible “remedy” I read online or heard about from friends, including various cranberry pills and drinks and D-Mannose. These provided some temporary relief, but nothing that kept me from having a UTI if I stopped taking the pills or drinking the juice. Only antibiotics cured the painful bladder infection attack—until the next episode after sex. The only thing that worked was not having sex. UTIs were having a detrimental impact on my life and marriage.


Then in December 2005, I had the opportunity to take SuperMannan pills when I had a UTI. Within an hour, my bladder infection symptoms (frequent peeing with pain and burning, and blood in urine) were bearable. After two hours the symptoms were gone, and I was back to my work and life. I couldn’t believe that there might be a natural cure for my UTIs, and I was elated that I didn’t have to take a course of antibiotics. I went to see my MD about taking SuperMannan for my bladder infections. She said that it was OK for me to take it (“won’t hurt you”), and my urine test was clean (“great that it worked”).


I took two SuperMannan pills daily during January and February, and had no UTI episodes. In March I reduced the number of SuperMannan pills I was taking to only one to two SuperMannan pills daily, because I wanted to make sure I did not run out of SuperMannan pills. In late March, I woke up with mild UTI symptoms, and I took two SuperMannan pills and my symptoms disappeared. I kept taking one SuperMannan pill daily.


In late April, after partying and sex with little sleep, I woke up with UTI symptoms. I took a SuperMannan pill and went to work. My UTI symptoms came back, and I took a SuperMannan pill at noon. My symptoms were gone. The next day I woke up again with UTI symptoms and took a SuperMannan pill at 7 am, and another SuperMannan pill at 11 am and another SuperMannan pill at 5 pm. These kept my symptoms under control. Two days later, I took a SuperMannan pill at 9 am (after sex and mild UTI symptoms), and another SuperMannan pill at noon. The UTI symptoms disappeared, and I was free from any more UTI symptoms. From this experience, I learned that I should not worry about running out of SuperMannan pills and take more when I felt mild symptoms.


Looking back over the period from 1999 through 2006, I realize how my life had become dominated by fear of UTI attacks—constant fear of getting a UTI attack from going to a party, traveling, having sex, dealing with stress. I dreaded having to take another round of antibiotics, which upset my digestive tract for weeks, even after taking probiotics and other supplements. Taking SuperMannan pills completely changed my life. I knew I could take a natural supplement with no side effects if I had UTI symptoms, and I quit worrying about UTI attacks. Finally I could go about daily activities at work and enjoy socializing with friends and a normal sex life without fear of getting a painful UTI attack and having to take antibiotics. My husband was also delighted that he no longer had to worry about causing me to have a UTI by having sex.


For four years I have not had any UTI symptoms or attacks, and I no longer take SuperMannan pills. But I am glad to know that if I ever feel any symptoms coming on, I can take care of the problem with SuperMannan pills and get on with my life.


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