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About Us

We are a small company with only one product–SuperMannan, and we are dedicated to women’s health. Our goal is to reduce suffering caused by bladder infections, and to reduce use of antibiotics. One small step towards making you and the planet healthier! clair_richard2   SuperMannan was discovered by Richard Katz, and granted US Pat No. 8,063,026. Richard is a biophysicist and biochemist, and is Chief Scientist at Belvedere Environmentals. Richard was inspired to create this formulation by the experience of his wife Clair Brown, an Economics Professor at UC Berkeley, who continually suffered from urinary tract imbalance, and was exhausted from taking antibiotics. Clair has experienced dramatic improvement in her enjoyment and quality of life from the use of SuperMannan. An expert in impact analysis and sustainable technology, Clair oversees data collection and operations for Belvedere Environmentals. Clair and Richard teamed up with Dr. Michael McCulloch, a licensed acupuncturist who practices complementary and alternative therapies at Pine Street Clinic and Kaiser Permanente. richard_bw Richard Katz in 1969, at work in his lab at the Johnson Foundation, under Prof. Brittain Chance (UPenn). Richard has worked with yeast and bacteria for a long time!   You can email Clair or Richard directly and they’ll get back to you. Contact them.   Belvedere Environmentals, LLC Point Richmond, CA 94801 510-219-4255

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