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Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth is suffering and needs help, if humans want to continue enjoying earth and our lives here.

The United Nations has released three reports on climate change, written by the world’s leading experts, in the past six months. The first report confirms that global warming is caused mostly by burning fossil fuels (think oil and gas). The second report confirms the profound effects that have already happened, including shrinking glaciers and persistent droughts, with rising seas and dwindling food crops on the horizon. The third report released this week is ominous—despite large investments in more efficient energy and alternative energy sources by the U.S., Europe, and Chine, emissions of greenhouse gases have risen twice as fast in the past decade as they did in the preceding decades. This means that we are nowhere near meeting the target of limiting the rise in global temperature to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above the preindustrial level—beyond that rise in temperature, our earth faces truly catastrophe outcomes. To reach this goal, we must reduce greenhouse gases by 40% to 70% by 2050. This requires a revolution in the way we produce and consume energy! What can you do to cut your use of gasoline in half?

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