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Use of antibiotics can make you fat!

Big Agriculture has been feeding antibiotics to chickens and livestock since the 1950s as a cheap way to fatten them up. The antibiotic superfood allowed the animals to subsist in filthy conditions, and the stage was set for factory farming.

Now scientists are concerned that the high use of antibiotics, especially by children, is a factor in the huge increase in obesity. These wonder drugs may have made us fatter, just like livestock.

A New York Times piece states, “New evidence shows that America’s obesity epidemic may be connected to our high consumption of these drugs.”

One more reason to reduce our use of antibiotics in people, as well as animals!

Make sure that any antibiotics you take are to treat a bacterial infection. Don’t take antibiotics “just in case”.  Also ask if any other treatment is available. If the infection is a UTI, you might check out SuperMannan.

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