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My Story

Let me begin by telling you my personal story about SuperMannan. Chronic UTIs were wrecking my life—I was constantly taking antibiotics and was scared of sex because it caused UTI. My husband Richard (a biochemist) felt terrible about it, and he started looking for a natural treatment to help me. Richard discovered that dried dead yeast would probably help support my urinary tract health. I couldn’t wait to try it, and with my next UTI, I was sitting in the bathroom in pain, taking a bunch of capsules with water every 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe it—within an hour my painful UTI symptoms got better and then were gone in two hours. My life turned around — sex could be fun again, no more rushing out in pain to get an antibiotic prescription filled. Since then, friends have asked for the natural supplement, and I’ve stayed in touch with them to learn their stories. We even have a case series article published in a peer-reviewed journal (yea!), and made our natural supplement, called SuperMannan, available on Amazon. If you need to rebalance your urinary tract, try SuperMannan. Please let me know about your UTI experiences, because I want to know your story.

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